Late 90s. Steve Toll, an avid cyclist, draws a sketch of a saddle as he thinks it should look after a bike ride with his wife. After many pluses and minuses and with the help of his family, the ISM saddle is patented in 1999. For the first time since the bicycle saddle came into existence, something is happening to the basic design of the saddle!

John Cobb is an advisor to Greg Lemond and Lance Armstrong, among others. John mainly works with aerodynamics and postures on the bike. Jimmy Blackwell was an avid (senior) cyclist who did everything he could to get the best technology on his bike. Thanks in part to the enthusiasm of these 2 people, the ISM saddle is what it is today: An ideal saddle with good results in blood flow and aerodynamics tests.

The ISM saddles are unique patented saddles. Due to their unique shape, they are strikingly more and more present. Can be seen on more and more road bikes and among triathletes on bicycles. The racing saddles give the sporty cyclist a better posture and a deeper stance.

ISM (Ideal Saddle Modification) the saddle against saddle pain!