What is the advantage of an ISM saddle?

The ISM saddles have many advantages over conventional saddle brands. ISM stands for Ideal Saddle Modification, or loosely translated: ideal saddle modification. Nothing could describe the ISM saddles better. The inventor Steve Tol has changed the entire way of sitting on a bicycle saddle by daring to make decisions! Together with many professionals, he is now putting an end to a lot of saddle suffering.

Here are some summaries of advantages of the ISM saddles:

  • The elimination of the saddle’s nose and the characteristic groove in the middle allow an ISM saddle to tilt your pelvis without limits. This results in a better posture and can be very helpful against lower back pain. This is because the hip angle is no longer limited by the perineum.
  • Also, because of the slot in the saddle, there is no pressure on the perineum. No more deaf genitals (male and female), no clenching of the urethra. No other muscles and/or blood vessels to be compressed.
  • Because the front is removed, the soft tissue largely comes in front of the saddle, which saves a lot of misery.
  • Due to the unlimited tilt of the hip, a better and deeper posture can also be obtained. This is a great advantage for athletes where aero posture is important.