EasySeat II Bike Seat

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The EasySeat II is a Bike seat wich is adjustable, because it concists out of 2 separate parts. These parts can be placed more together or further out. This bike seat is perfect for people with tailbone problems or for stoma patients.

Prostate Saddle

Prosate Seat

Bike Seat

Prostate problems

Prostate problem solvation.

  • Easy Seat II, the adjustable parts ensures that the pressure is just on the sit bones. The whole perineal area, from both men and women, will stay of the bike seat because of this will also your tailbone not touch the bike seat. The unfamiliar pleasure for a lot of people who have issues enjoying their bike ride because of the pain at the tailbone, or because of stoma use not being able to enjoy your bike ride.

    Length:                                180mm
    Width:                                  215-250mm
    Adjustable part:                               105mm x 180mm
    Stuffing:                              Foam
    Rails:                                     Chroommolybeensteel
    Color:                                   Black
    Height:                                 110 mm (front) 95mm (back)

    Suitable for city bikes, electric bikes and hybrid bikes.

    Choose today for:

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  • Medical applications:

    Bike Seat for Lychen Sclerosis.
    Prostate bike seat.
    Bike seat for prosthesis
    Bike seat for Stoma Patients
    Bike seat for tailbone problems
    Bike seat for Vulva-problems


Easy Seat

country of origin USA

1 year

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