Ergotec adjustable handles

Ergotec adjustable handles with bar-end

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The main advantages of these handles are:
- Permanently adjustable
- Ergonomic
- Additional means of retention (any other position)

On almost every bike you can find ergonomic handles, but they're comfortable? Often it has just different. When these handles are the wings still again separately adjustable and also the position of the bar end is adjustable.

These come in various types.
First of all, there is a distinction in the material of which it is made. Kraton or cork. Kraton is a high quality synthetic replacement for natuurruber. Cork has the advantage that it is better damask and moisture can take.

Cork: both sides long (130mm)
Cork: one long one short (130 and 87 mm)

Kraton: both sides long (130mm)
Kraton: one long one short (130 and 87 mm)

Kraton: Both sides long and thicker (40mm i.p.v. 34mm)
Kraton: Both sides short (87mm)