In a quest for cycling relief after prostate removal surgery, Mr. Pronk soon discovered that standard solutions did not meet his specific needs. Hospitals offered little guidance, and regular bike stores did not carry appropriate saddles.

“Tried almost everything”

“I had tried all kinds of things, but experienced a lot of pain when cycling. A burning sensation that just wouldn’t go away. Moreover, I had just bought a new e-bike and it had such a hard saddle, so it didn’t sit well at all. Then the salesman put another saddle on it, but that was no good either.”

After an online search, Mr. Pronk stumbled upon Velopro and their ISM saddles. He was welcomed with an expertise and service he missed elsewhere. At Velopro, his situation was carefully analyzed and as a result, the right saddle could be recommended almost immediately, based on his cycling position.

Little information from the hospital

“At the hospital, there is no information available regarding cycling after such an operation. So then I started looking online myself for a good solution. That’s how I ended up at Velopro.”

Even before he took his bike to the store, he was asked to take a video of his cycling posture. This was done to see whether the distance between the saddle and the handlebars was large enough and on that basis a suitable bicycle saddle was looked at. For Mr. Pronk, that turned out to be the ISM Berkley bicycle saddle.

“I thought it was very expensive at first, which made me very unsure if I should do it. I also first looked in my neighborhood, but that salesman would not order the saddle in question for me and instead wanted to force another saddle on me.”

“I already wouldn’t want anything else.”

Once he arrived at Velopro with his bike, the saddle was fully assembled and adjusted for him. On site, Mr. Pronk immediately took a test ride. “I had to get very used to the saddle, it is very different from what you are used to. But my pain symptoms subsided almost immediately. I can say that they decreased by at least 90%!”

“People who have doubts should go to Velopro. You come back from it very satisfied. They listened to me very well and the service is very good. I like the saddle very much. I already wouldn’t want anything else.”

ISM Berkley Saddle

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