Mr. Stultjens had undergone prostate surgery because of prostate cancer. Although the surgery was successful and the cancer remained stable, he struggled with a lingering problem: urine leakage. “When cycling with an ordinary bicycle saddle, when dismounting I immediately got untenable and imperceptible urine loss because the pressure of the perineum on the bladder was gone at once,” he says. This uncomfortable situation made cycling, an activity Mr. Stultjens does a lot with his wife, a challenge.

In search of a solution

Thus, he decided it was time to find a solution. He had heard about special saddles that relieve the perineum, but had never looked into it further. “Six months ago, when I started to suffer much more from spontaneous leakage of urine after dismounting, I started looking into these types of saddles via the Internet by simply typing in ‘saddle prostate’ and you end up with ISM, among others,” he explains. Through Marktplaats, Mr. Stultjens found a used ISM touring saddle, which already offered some improvement. Still, the lateral stability was not optimal.

The choice of Velopro

The search for an even better solution finally brought him to Velopro. “I found the website very professional and that gave a lot of confidence. For me that was more than enough to drive from Breda to Dirksland for it,” he says. The choice of Velopro was reinforced by the personal attention and expertise he found there. “The reception and approach at Velopro were so good and promising that I didn’t consider other products and brands.”

Professional guidance

At Velopro, Mr. Stultjens was welcomed by Bas. “Bas’ explanation, partly based on a model of the bone structure of the human body and the pressure of the sit bones on the saddle, made choosing the right saddle easy,” he recalls. The saddle was expertly fitted and adjusted after a test ride. “Through his explanations, I was able to fit the most optimal position myself on some longer rides at home,” he adds.

The joy of cycling is fully back

The new saddle exceeded his expectations. “The saddle meets my expectations more than 100 percent. I no longer have any urine loss at all and I can simply get off after a ride and go to the toilet without rushing,” says a relieved Mr. Stultjens. The pleasure of cycling was completely back.

Experience with Velopro

He looks back very positively on his experience with Velopro. “Velopro is professional, customer-friendly, and the contact was excellent,” he says. Still, there was one small point of improvement: the toilet facility at the Dirksland location. “It was a bit substandard, clean though, but at the very back of the store and shared with the garage next door,” he notes.


Mr. Stultjens found at Velopro the perfect solution for his problem with urine leakage while cycling. Thanks to the expert guidance and the high-quality saddle, he can now enjoy his bike rides carefree again. “If I had not discovered the ISM saddle, I, as well as my wife, would no longer have been able to take really nice bike rides. So one saddle can make two people happy,” he concludes.