Saddles for lichen sclerosus

Lichen sclerosus is an annoying condition that can spoil the pleasure of cycling and can even make it impossible to ride a bike at all. At least, on a normal bicycle saddle.

ISM saddles and the EasySeat saddles are so-called noseless saddles. So saddles without the annoying point. Actually, all ISM saddles and EasySeat saddles are suitable for men and women with lichen sclerosus. So the choice can be made on the site as if the problem is not there. Or in other words: The saddles are organized by category and the most relevant models are named first.

Still, a few points of interest:

All ISM saddles, despite being so-called noseless saddles, still have some point formed by the two protrusions. These 2 points are necessary to give sufficient support while cycling. The perineal area comes above the protrusion and the ‘soft tissue’ comes in front of the saddle.

For many already sufficient relief. Yet, as sensitivity increases, it may be that irritation still occurs. How is that possible?

This is often the result of the clothing worn. On the one hand, many people cycle with (stiff) jeans and, on the other hand, the more sporty among us cycle with chamois leather pants.

In both cases the clothing (read the chamois leather) can form a bridge between the two points, but can also form an extension of the point. It is therefore advisable to wear thin and especially supple clothing and perhaps before the start of the ride to counteract the “bridge effect” by giving the clothing a little more space.