Had prostate surgery, very annoying, and now you are advised not to cycle anymore. That was the only way to keep moving. Now what?

ISM saddles are special bicycle saddles. These saddles always relieve the perineum. This is because of the groove in the ISM saddles. It’s not just the groove that relieves, the ISM saddles are “noseless saddles” or saddles without a point.

Because ISM saddles relieve the perineum, the vibration and pressure that the bicycle saddle normally transmits to the prostate is prevented. This may be the solution for you to still return to cycling.

An ISM saddle helps completely relieve your prostate.

Many urologists already recommend an ISM saddle to their patients for the above reasons.

Take a leisurely look around this site. Check out our saddle selection tool and try on an ISM saddle. If you want to see it first, ask your local dealer about an ISM saddle.

Do you want to consult with your doctor first? Understandable and sensible.

Read through our site about our ISM saddles and take your knowledge and information with you to your next consultation.

We wish you a good recovery, lots of exercise to get back in shape and lots of fun on ISM.