With the ISM saddles there is a good chance that saddle pain is a thing of the past, but which saddle is suitable now?
Read this carefully to have the best chance of finding the right saddle right away.

First read this article about saddle pain. Because saddle pain is a broad term and first it must be “determined” what exactly is bothering you.

Saddle Pain and ISM Saddles

It is important to choose the right saddle to be able to smile again on the bike.
We now know exactly what the complaint is.

In the categories on this site, the saddles are classified according to relevance. So on the “city bikes page” you will find the best-selling saddle for the city bike first. When in doubt, always choose the first item.

ISM saddle for the city bike

Okay, looking for a saddle for the city bike. Just to be clear: an electric bicycle where you mainly sit upright also falls under the category of city bicycle.

The first thing mentioned here is the Metro saddle. Rightly so, because this is often the best choice. If there is an issue with the prostate or you are dealing with another medical recommendation, the tendency is often to choose as large a cutout as possible. In this case the Touring (middle photo). We understand the consideration, but often it is not necessary. The ISM Metro also illuminates the private parts and often illuminates sufficiently. The advantage is that it is often immediately a lot more pleasant.

ISM Metro Saddle

134.96 inc. VAT

ISM Touring Saddle

125.96 inc. VAT

ISM Cruise Saddle

152.96 inc. VAT

Broadly speaking, the following applies to this category (city bicycles):

– Load from the front in any way: choose the Metro (1st photo)
– Load from front and/or sit bones: Choose the Cruise (3rd photo)
– Choose the Touring (2nd photo) if: skirt wearer, extreme relief is required, there is experience with this saddle.
– The Urbaine is the same as the Metro, only a bit harder.
– For stoma wearers see this page.

ISM saddle for the hybrid bike / holiday bike

Okay, looking for a saddle for the hybrid/vacation bike.
Just to be clear: an electric bicycle where you mainly sit slightly bent forward also falls under this category. The PR3.0 is listed first. Not for nothing. This is a popular saddle in this category.

Furthermore, for some it is difficult to make a good choice here. A nice tool is a ruler. First measure the size of your current saddle. If that is between 130 and 150 mm (approximately) and is that not necessarily too narrow for you, then the PR3.0 is a good choice.

If your bike has a wider saddle (around 20 cm), the Metro might be a good choice.

In general terms, the following applies to this category (hybrid/tourist bike):

– Load from the front and can be a bit comfortable: choose the PR3.0
– Front end and avid long-distance cyclist: Choose the PS2.0
– Here the ISM Touring is a bit more popular. Due to the bent over position, this is a wonderful saddle in combination with a saddle. a reclining handlebar for example.

Saddle measurement and ISM

We often get the question whether ISM does not have a sit bone measuring system.

Without wanting to discredit other brands that do:
No, ISM does not have that and consciously does not.
Our dealers are professionals willing to tell the customer who walks in which saddle is needed. Actually, it is also quite simple. If you are broadly built (M or V), choose a wider saddle. Certainly in the above categories it is not more exciting than that.

ISM saddle for the racing bike

For this category it gets a bit more difficult, though: Best-selling is the PL1.1. It is also listed first. This has also been tested by The Cyclist as the best racing saddle ever! So that one again mentioned first, both here and in the category. Furthermore, the PN3.0 and PN3.1 are recommended because this saddle gives more space for the hamstrings.

And for this category as well as for MTB and triathlon, the PR series and the PS series are also a serious option. Why so much, that doesn’t make it any easier.

That’s right, that’s why we like to refer to our dealers, they know about it, but don’t be tempted to use another brand of saddle! ISM=ISM No other brand is recommended by specialists as much as an ISM saddle.
We also have a good return policy, see this page. So let the info come in and choose the right saddle intuitively. Often that is good, trust that.

Broadly speaking, for this category (racing bike)

– Choose intuitively between the PN3.1 and PL1.1
– The .0 saddles of all types are the same as the .1. Only a bit harder and often have a somewhat more expensive finish (titanium bridge, harder, firmer filling)
– The PR series is certainly a good alternative in terms of price.
– The PS series is also noted as an all-rounder series, especially because this can also be a replacement for their old Racing, TimeTrail or Road saddle for ISM enthusiasts from the very beginning.

Explanation numbers, hardness and type numbers.

The new ISM saddles have a different name than you may be used to. Below an explanation.

All saddles on this site also have a number. That is not the report mark but a hardness indication. The hardness (softness) of a bicycle saddle is difficult to measure. We did it like this:- PR = Performance Recreation or leisure saddles.
– PL = Performance Long or the long competition saddle
– PS = Performance Short or short competition saddles
– PN = Performance Narrow or narrow competition saddles

For example, a distinction has already been made in the naming between the ISM saddles.


The number next to the saddle indicates how hard the saddle is, as follows:

The amount of filling increases as the number increases. For instance:
PR1.0 has number 50 and is therefore softer than PR2.0, because it has hardness 40. The PR3.0 is softer again (60)

With the racing saddles:

The PL1.1 (40) is softer than the PL1.0 (30)

It is also true that the foam and gel that ISM uses provide permanent counter pressure. This means that after pressing with the “strong thumb” the foam/gel still gives back pressure and is therefore still resilient. With cheaper saddles you are then at the end of the resilience and you are on the scale of the saddle.

Pay attention:

– Most saddles become softer with use.

– Please note with gel saddle: if you leave this saddle in the freezing cold during a severe winter, this will be at the expense of the softness of the saddle.