ISM has a wide range of saddles, with all kinds of different sizes, shapes and hardnesses. On this page you will find all the important information regarding ISM’s types.

Below are two different “case studies” of postures on bicycles:

  • I like to cycle, make the most miles on the beautiful summer day or can also cycle a bit in the rain. Yet that saddle is not so nice on the city bike or hybrid bike you have. My posture is straight up or slightly hunched over. In this case, choose the “comfort” saddles.
  • On a day of biking, I look for nice stretches, like to cycle on and sometimes sit deep in the stirrups. Sometimes not, but still that saddle is not very nice then. I often bike on a mountain bike, road bike or time trial bike but it’s not very nice. In this case, choose the “performance” saddles.

Comfort saddles

ISM has a large assortment, even within the comfort saddles are different types of saddles. But which one you want is not always easy to choose. Often, the first advice we give is the ISM Metro saddle, this saddle has the maximum softness, still looks a lot like the ‘regular’ saddle and is often the right saddle right away. Comfort saddles provide an enjoyable ride, with each saddle given a different hardness.

ISM Metro – launched in 2017 and based on ISM Urbaine only with just a bit more padding in the saddle. This saddle is ideal for people who want a softer saddle while cycling, perfect for city bikes and good for people who don’t want a too wide saddle.

ISM Urbaine – inspired by the Berkley and Cruise saddle. With a similar shape, without the wide rear end. With a slightly stiffer padding (hardness 40), it is perfect for city bike rides and an upright riding position.

ISM Berkley – this saddle was introduced in 2014 and is very similar to the Cruise saddle. Like the Urbaine, this saddle is just slightly narrower on the back, but falls between the Cruise and Urbaine saddles.

ISM Cruise – the widest saddle from ISM, works perfectly if you can also simply sit on a chair. This saddle offers tremendous comfort and is perfect for the majority of bikes (city, hybrid and cruise bike). The noseless design will not create pressure at the soft tissue areas.

ISM Touring – this saddle is the first saddle from ISM, a well thought out saddle with a large opening which provides more rest on the soft tissue. Tested on cyclists who spend easily more than 25 hours a week on the bike. Perfect for normal clothing on normal and hybrid bikes.

Performance saddles

Performance saddles are the perfect replacement for your current road bike saddle, often the first choice and quickly a good choice. A deeper posture puts even more pressure on the soft tissue that the thin saddle rests on. Especially the deep and hunched posture creates “a pain” that no one really likes. To begin, we like to list the different saddles:

  • PN – Performance Narrow
  • PL – Performance Long
  • PS – Performance Short
  • PR – Performance Recreation
  • PM – Performance Mountainbike

Performance Narrow (PN Series), a narrow saddle that provides extra space in the hamstrings and groin area. A great advantage of this is that more power can also be delivered during the “pulling phase” (from 6 to 12 hours). The PN1 series in particular provides optimal space for road cyclists, time trialists and triathletes.

Performance Long (PL series), a longer saddle (275 mm) than other saddles. The PL series is the successor to the popular previously named ‘Prologue’ saddle. The long shape of this ISM saddle allows for better front-to-back movement and a wider back that should provide comfort for climbers who turn their backs and is widely recommended for road cyclists or mountain bikers.

Performance Short (PS series), short, meaning short. This saddle is the perfect saddle for the triathlete. PS saddles are 250 mm long and have a width of 30 mm, herein the back of the saddle has a hook for easy hanging of the bike. The back of the saddle has a slightly sloping shape that provides maximum hip support.

Performance Recreation (PR series), also called the all-rounder. These saddles have padding from 40 to 60, relatively soft compared to the other saddle series. Loved by many triathletes, road cyclists, mountain bikers, but also a great solution for the hybrid or city cyclist. This saddle is often recommended for an upright posture.

Performance Mountain Bike (PM series), an update of the ISM Peak saddle. The sloping back makes it easier for the cyclist to get “behind” the saddle during difficult technical sections. This saddle is specially designed for the mountain biker who likes a challenge.