A common mistake when looking for a bicycle saddle for a sore tailbone is to switch to a softer saddle. This only increases the coccyx problem further, making the saddle pain at the coccyx worse.

Typical of a tailbone problem is not being able/willing to dismount because it will hurt. Annoying pressure on the tailbone (tailbone) can also be very painful while cycling. Fortunately, there is a solution for this.

Most conventional bicycle saddles are somewhat convex in shape. Apparently someone once thought of them as being comfortable and well-fitting, but ISM assumes that a saddle does not need to be convex, but simply flat. In some cases, this provides enough relief to prevent saddle sores.

Also, ISM saddles do not feel very soft at first. They shouldn’t, they should still provide sufficient support with the rider’s weight on them. If a saddle feels too soft when you press on it with your thumb, chances are that when you sit on it, you will be sitting on the bottom of the saddle and the saddle will lose its support function. The result is saddle pain.

If you want a saddle that completely relieves the tailbone, then the EasySeat is a good solution. In particular, the EasySeat Pro Hub is a saddle where you will no longer suffer from a painful tailbone.