Mountain biking, ATB and cyclocross gives many different movements, blows and punches. Due to the ‘twin tip’ of ISM, these blows are absorbed by the sit bones and not by the soft tissues of the body. This can provide an enormous reduction in pain and therefore also fewer complaints. The PM series has been created especially for this category, with a sloping rear for technical routes.

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ISM PR3.0 Saddle

199.95 inc. VAT

The ISM PR3.0 is an ideal saddle for the hybrid bicycle. This saddle is also the solution for the novice triathlete with persistent saddle pain.

ISM PR2.0 Saddle

199.95 inc. VAT

The PR 2.0 fits into the Performance Recreation category – perfect for adding comfort to any bike.

ISM PR1.0 Saddle

179.95 inc. VAT

The PR 1.0 is set to reset your expectations of comfort.  PR stands for Performance Recreation, as this seat is as comfortable on a hybrid bike as it is a full-blown race machine.

ISM PS1.1 Saddle

239.95 inc. VAT

The ISM PS series has been specially designed for the demanding cyclist, triathlete, time trialist. Tested by professional drivers for years. Prevents many problems later in life! Recommended by many urologists and gynaecologists!

Ask about the ISM PS1.1 at your local bike shop or order it online.

ISM PS2.0 Saddle

239.95 inc. VAT

The ISM PS2.0 is a perfect MTB Bike saddle. But also great for Race and triathlon. This is the renewed ISM Road.

ISM PM2.0 Saddle

239.95 inc. VAT

The PM 2.0 an update of our Peak saddle.  PM saddles incorporate a rounded and sloped rear end, allowing the rider to move up-and-over the back of the seat on technical trails.

ISM PS1.0 Saddle

279.95 inc. VAT

The ISM PS 1.0 is a fresh look for the Time Trial saddle.  It features the same 15-series padding and sloped front arms, but with new sleek graphics.