A hybrid or holiday bicycle is a bicycle in which you sit in a slightly ‘deeper’ position than on a city bicycle. In this comparison, the handlebars will be lower in relation to your saddle. This position puts more pressure on the front of your sit bones, the saddles on this page are suitable for this position. They are arranged in order of relevance, but click on “saddle selection aid” and read it carefully to make the right choice quickly.

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ISM Metro Saddle

149.95 inc. VAT

The Metro is perfect for hybrid bikes, spin bikes, road bikes, commuting, or anything with a more upright seating position – and loved by riders that don’t want a super wide saddle.

ISM Touring Saddle

139.95 inc. VAT

Inspired by the morning routine; The Touring remains a great saddle for upright bikes and a popular choice for the Men in Blue. Several police departments around the world use the ISM Touring saddle.

ISM Berkley Saddle

169.95 inc. VAT

The Berkley was inspired by our Cruise saddle.  It has a similar overall shape, but is narrower at the rear.

ISM PR3.0 Saddle

199.95 inc. VAT

The ISM PR3.0 is an ideal saddle for the hybrid bicycle. This saddle is also the solution for the novice triathlete with persistent saddle pain.

ISM Cruise Saddle

169.95 inc. VAT

The Cruise saddle is truly designed for all body shapes and sizes – and a lot of comfort. It’s perfect for the hybrid rider, commuter, or even cruising the beach.

ISM PR2.0 Saddle

199.95 inc. VAT

The PR 2.0 fits into the Performance Recreation category – perfect for adding comfort to any bike.

ISM PR1.0 Saddle

179.95 inc. VAT

The PR 1.0 is set to reset your expectations of comfort.  PR stands for Performance Recreation, as this seat is as comfortable on a hybrid bike as it is a full-blown race machine.

ISM PS2.0 Saddle

239.95 inc. VAT

The ISM PS2.0 is a perfect MTB Bike saddle. But also great for Race and triathlon. This is the renewed ISM Road.

Adamo Island Reef Saddle

129.95 inc. VAT

Unlike traditional saddles, our Adamo Island Saddles are engineered to conform perfectly to your body rather than forcing your body to conform to the saddle. The end result is a more comfortable saddle for a more enjoyable ride. You will fall in love with it!

ISM Urbaine Saddle

159.95 inc. VAT

The ISM Urbaine was inspired by the Berkley and Cruise saddles. It has a similar overall shape, but is narrower at the rear.