ISM is the most commonly used saddle at the Ironman World Championships.
In the annual gear count at the Ironman World Championships, the ISM saddle was again counted as the most used saddle: of the 1494, 828 were ISM saddles. Against number two 359 pieces and number three 307 pieces. So more ISM than number two and three together!
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ISM PN4.1 Gravel Road Saddle

225.00 inc. VAT

NEW for 2022!  The ISM PN4.1 is the newest offering in the Performance Narrow category of saddles.  Same shape as the popular PN4.0.

ISM PN4.0 Saddle

245.00 inc. VAT

The ISM PN4.0 is one of the newest offering in the Performance Narrow category of saddles.  Similar in design to the award-winning ISM PN3.0.

ISM PR1.0 Saddle

159.00 inc. VAT

The PR 1.0 is set to reset your expectations of comfort.  PR stands for Performance Recreation, as this seat is as comfortable on a hybrid bike as it is a full-blown race machine.

ISM PR2.0 Saddle

175.00 inc. VAT

The PR 2.0 fits into the Performance Recreation category – perfect for adding comfort to any bike.

ISM PN3.0 Saddle

245.00 inc. VAT

ISM proudly introduces the PN 3.0. Starting from our Performance Narrow chassis, ISM used feedback from professional athletes to make the next evolution in saddle design.

ISM PS2.0 Saddle

199.00 inc. VAT

The ISM PS2.0 is a perfect MTB Bike saddle. But also great for Race and triathlon. This is the renewed ISM Road.

ISM PS1.0 Saddle

249.00 inc. VAT

The ISM PS 1.0 is a fresh look for the Time Trial saddle.  It features the same 15-series padding and sloped front arms, but with new sleek graphics.

ISM PN3.1 Saddle

220.00 inc. VAT

The ISM PN 3.1. Starting from the PN 3.0 chassis, ISM added more padding for riders who prefer a slightly softer ride.

Recommended by urologists and gynecologists.

ISM PN2.1 Saddle

215.00 inc. VAT

The ISM PN 2.1 applies the popular PN saddle technology to a triathlon platform. Nose-less and designed to remove pressure from soft tissue, ensuring maximum blood flow, no genital numbness, and a healthier, more enjoyable ride.

ISM PN1.0 Saddle

255.00 inc. VAT

The PN 1.0 is ready to take on any road.  With the same chassis as the beloved Attack saddle, the PN 1.0 has a sleek updated look to match any bike. While originally slated as a road bike saddle, it has proven to be equally loved by triathletes and time trialists.

ISM PS1.1 Saddle

199.00 inc. VAT

The ISM PS series has been specially designed for the demanding cyclist, triathlete, time trialist. Tested by professional drivers for years. Prevents many problems later in life! Recommended by many urologists and gynaecologists!

Ask about the ISM PS1.1 at your local bike shop or order it online.

ISM PN3.0 Carbon Saddle

695.00 inc. VAT

ISM PN 3.0 Carbon, an all carbon fiber made version of the award winning ISM PN 3.0. There is no foam or gel cover on this saddle.